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Clean Water Campaign

Eddy at the Great Hope Village - Nakigo/Musima

Hello! Friends, Warm greetings from Uganda the Pearl of Africa. We trust that you are well and pressing through the challenges of Covid-19. Thank you so for your generosity through 2020. It was a challenging year but together we managed to impact 70 families by providing food relief and other basic needs of life. Thank you very much. Our vision for the “Great Hope Village is to serve the under-served poverty ridden communities in Jinja through providing a community space for practical agricultural learning (urban gardening/farming) a community school for 1000 children from financial challenged families, sports center, teachers and guests (international volunteers) accommodation and community hall.

However first things first, we need to solve the most pressing problem of water. There are only 3 borehole wells in the community serving over 5000 people and these keep breaking down due to heavy usage by the people and animals. We are therefore drumming up for support towards establishing a modern well which pumps clean water to the main tank using solar power and then distributes to the Great Hope Village farm, school and other community members. We invite you to join us by donating any amount for clean water and sharing this campaign with friends. Thank you for your continued support.

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