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Bringing HOPE to Musima, Nakigo and Kalungami communities

Great Hope Uganda team conducting a Community Assessment in Kalungami and Nakigo

in 2020 we acquired a 2.5 acre property where we envision to construct a community school. The property is located at an interception of Nakigo, Kalungami and Musima communities in Jinja, Eastern Uganda

In February 2021, our team conducted a community needs assessment in regard to education and the impact of Covid-19 on families. It was alarming to find out that out of 1420 children 233 were out of school and the numbers rocketed due to the covid-19 pandemic to an estimated 450 children.

In Nakigo village, there is no school at all, whether public, private,primary or secondary and our upcoming community primary school is a timely intervention giving an opportunity to children from these under-served communities to have a brighter future.

Since 2016 Great Hope Uganda has educated over 185 less privileged children and our vision is to enroll in school and educate 1000 children by 2025. We therefore invite like-minded partners and individuals to walk with us in accomplishing this noble mission.

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